Good morning everyone and I just have to focus on your fun in the snow photographs from yesterday but I will celebrate lots of your work later in the week. There’s so much, I might have to make a separate celebration post! It was lovely to have so much snow to play in yesterday, I hope you all made the most of it as it doesn’t happen very often. My dogs loved having a walk in the park in all the snow.

On the timetable today we have:

  1. English – reading comprehension
  2. Spelling – Scrabble art
  3. Maths – sequencing time
  4. Art – space art
  5. Wellbeing activity – Tongue twisters

English: After all of your amazing verses yesterday you can can give your creative brains a little rest (until tomorrow!) as we focus on reading and comprehension. I would like you to re-read the Blast-off poem, either from the Seesaw template or go back to Monday’s blog post then the questions to answer are on Seesaw, or you can download it here. Check you work carefully before you submit it.

Spelling: Today I would like you to to make a scrabble pattern piece of art with your ten spelling words from Monday. That means all of your words have to overlap with each other somewhere just like they would in a game of Scrabble. The words can go up and down, side to side or diagonally but of course you must spell them correctly. If you have an i-pad with an app like Wordificator or Word2art you could try and make one on there like I’ve done below. Or you could use create drawing on Seesaw, your homework book, real Scrabble tiles if you have them (although you might run out of letters) or sticky notes or a chalkboard or whiteboard. With definite adult permission only, you could try it with a washable pen on the front of a fridge, freezer or tiled wall.

Maths: Today’s lesson is about sequencing daily events. You will be thinking about the things you do every day and what order you do them in and at what time you do them.

There is an additional activity on Seesaw to look at hour many hours you spend doing different things in a day and record the information on the block graph template.

Art: As this is our last week focussing on space I would like you to take the opportunity to paint a space picture (or use felt-tips or crayons). You might decide to do the Solar System with all the planets or just one planet. You might be inspired by this week’s English and theme work and create a picture of a rocket flying to the moon or astronauts landing on the moon. Whatever you decide, when it is finished, try and take (or get mum, dad or another adult to take) a really clear, close-up photograph of it from over head, like a bird’s eye view. That way we will have lots of stunning pictures for a class 2 online art gallery. As we have been looking at Christopher Corr this half-term, why not use bright colours and try to use a similar style. Here’s a picture of his painting Cosmic Man to give you an idea:

Here’s a few more ideas Mrs Gardner has shared with us. Think about which colours stand out next to each other.

Wellbeing: Today’s activity is a Tongue-twister challenge! Have a look at the Tongue-twisters below and see if you can read them at normal speed first, just once each time. Then start to speed up and see how fast you can go and how many times you can repeat each one before you start to make mistakes. You can get adults involved too and make it fun. I will put the template on Seesaw so that you can record yourself saying some of them if you want and upload them!

As an additional art activity you could watch this video and learn how to draw a space rocket. This might come in very useful for your other artwork or poem illustrations later in the week.

See who you think is the best at tongue-twisters in your family or amongst your classmates if you are in school today. Do you know any other tongue-twisters you could share, or maybe even try and create your own!

10.02.21 Wellbeing Wednesday

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