Hello class 2. I really enjoyed listening to your tongue-twisters yesterday, they really made me chuckle. It was also great to see so many inventive ways of recording your spellings words as Scrabble Art so well done. Lots of you completed your space art and sent me it but don’t worry if yours isn’t done yet, just upload a photo to Seesaw when you are ready. Your rhyming poetry was also excellent. I have decided to share a few celebration photos today as we have so many, so here we go.

I also thought I’d share some excellent poetry work that has been completed with lots of additional verses.

This is what today’s learning looks like:

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Design Technology
  5. Computing

English: For the next two days we are going to consider a different type of poetry but it is one we have done before – acrostic poetry. Can you remember what that is class 2? It’s where you decide on a word like SPACE and then each line of the poem starts with a word beginning with a letter from the word you have chosen. It’s a really fun way of creating poetry. Have a look at the examples below.

You are going to plan your poem today. Tomorrow there will be some templates on Seesaw for you to you your neat copy. Decide which of these space themed words you want to base your poem on. Your choices are; Astronaut, Planets, Earth, Saturn or Space. When you have done that brainstorm some space related vocabulary based on the work you have done in English and theme this half-term. Next write each letter of your word, one letter underneath another going down vertically. Then try to write a line for each letter of the word you have chosen like the examples above. Try to include some interesting adjectives or powerful verbs to make your poem exciting to read.

Spelling: There is a word search template for you to complete today on Seesaw and also a handwriting sheet for those that want to download it for practice but you don’t have to.

Maths: the final time lesson of the week from Oak Academy is about calculating the duration of time in minutes. You will be learning about look at the start and finish time of different events or and working out how long they lasted. If you did decide to practise your five times tables the other day, it will come in very handy today! I have set a challenging extension activity on Seesaw as well so do have a look and even if you can’t complete all of it, have a really good try at the parts you think you can do.


and the exit quiz https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/calculating-duration-of-time-in-hours-and-minutes-60v36d?step=4&activity=exit_quiz

Design technology: Ok, it is time to reveal what you will be making tomorrow afternoon. Remember I asked you last week to try and save any recycling bits and pieces to help you? Well, if you haven’t guessed all ready, you are going to be making a space rocket! Today you will need to design it, so have a think about the materials that will be available to you before you start. Think about what shape you want your rocket to be, how many windows you might need and how you are going to make the engine. Will it have wings like the space shuttle. How will you finish your rocket? Have you got any foil or metallic paper you could use or are you going to paint it? I haven’t given you a template so you can complete your design in any way you like. A labelled drawing might be a good idea to use. Neil Armstrong flew on Apollo 11 on his flight to the moon. Will you give your space rocket a name?

Computing: Today you will be practising your skills in decomposition. This is another key skill in computing and being able to create algorithms. To do this activity you will need 10 Lego bricks, wooden blocks or similar. If you don’t have these, use your imagination, ten coloured clothes pegs, ten small stones…) and a device such as a mobile phone or ipad that can take and digital photographs. The free app PicCollage will be useful for this activity (it’s what I use for posting most of your photos on the blog) but it’s not essential. I will also add the instructions to Seesaw.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite brain break by 5pm if you want your vote to count!

11.02.21 Home Learning

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