Wow I received so much work from you all yesterday. Lots of you really enjoyed the science investigation and it seemed to be the cylinder shape that most people found made the strongest paper tower. There was also lots of work showing me that you have a really good understanding of money and also some really detailed work on the Wright Brothers and Amy Johnson. Well done for all your amazing efforts.

Here’s our learning plan for today.

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Art
  5. Wellbeing activities

English: today we are going to look at Amy Johnson’s record breaking flight in1930 when she became the first woman to fly solo to Australia. Can you remember how long it took her? Almost 20 days! Today it would take only one day (24 hours) in a modern aircraft. Of course she couldn’t stay up in the air all of that time as she needed to re-fuel, do some maintenance on her aircraft and eat and rest. Look at the map of her journey and see what countries and continents she flew over and made stops in. You might need to use an atlas or world map to look more closely.

On her flight Amy would have kept detailed records of each part of the journey, this is called a flight log or log book. She needed to record the date, where she flew from and to, how long the flight was and any other details she felt were important. You can see on the flight log below that Amy ran into a monsoon on 13th May. The monsoon brought extremely heavy winds and rain that damaged her plane and delayed her journey. It must have been terrifying but Amy did not give up, she was very resilient.

Your task today is recreate a flight log for part of Amy’s journey to Australia. There is a table that you can use or you can design your own. Think about just one part of the journey to focus on in more detail. Was she flying over land or sea? What do you imagine the weather would have been like during the flight? what other comments might she have made?

Spelling: Today I would like you to go on a great spelling website and play some games to consolidate your learning on the suffixes we did before half-term and the ones we have been looking at this week. Then you can try and follow the instructions on the card below, maybe someone could video you following the instructions? Then can you give simple instructions to a member of your family that uses the verb jump, hop, whisper or shout and an adverb?

Maths: Continuing our work on money, we will be looking at comparing different amounts of money.

Then you have a go at this online game if you wish

Art: Remember the work we have been doing on Amy Johnson this week? The plane that Amy flew was a De Havilland Gipsy Moth. In 2016 as part of the Amy Johnson festival in Hull, 59 moth statues were created, decorated and displayed, mostly around Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. These are some of the moths that were created. ( An additional moth was created in 2020 making a total of 60). You can see two moths in Beverley, one at the Flemingate Shopping Centre and one at St. Nicholas Primary School as the children there helped to design it.

Your task today is to design another moth for the Amy Johnson collection. There is a template on Seesaw to help you or you could just draw your own outline if you wish to. Your design can be of anything. It doesn’t have to relate to flight if you don’t want it too but it would be nice if it had a theme. Here’s the link if you want to see all of the moths and also find out where the moths that are still on display can be seen. it would be lovely to use bright colours to continue the style of the artist Christopher Corr that we studied before half-term.

Wellbeing: Have a look at the photo of the Amy Johnson Cup for Courage. What does courage mean? Discuss it with whoever is sitting next to you then have a look at the video.

In 2013, the winner of the cup was an 11 year old girl who saved her grandmother from a fire. Why do you think that was a brave or courageous thing to do? Do you think the girl deserved to win the cup? What’s the bravest or most courageous thing that you have ever done? Do you think Amy Johnson was courageous flying solo to Australia? You can choose one of these two tasks. The first task is to choose someone you know who has done something courageous and say why they should be awarded the Amy Johnson Cup. The second task you could choose is to make a list of things that you think would be courageous or brave to do.

24.02.21 Home learning Wellbeing Wednesday

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