Hello class 2 – not too long until we are all back in our own classroom now! Keep working hard until then. I know today isn’t a celebration of work day but I just had to show you some of the amazing moths for Amy that you designed yesterday. I think any one of them would have been great to be made into an actual moth statue and put on display with the other sixty moths. You had some really creative ideas. I also watched some very funny videos of some of you using our spelling adverbs to role-play how you moved around your house!

Here’s today’s plan class two.

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Music

English: Yesterday you looked at part of Amy’s journey and recorded important flight details for some of the places she flew over or landed in. As well as making a flight log, Amy would have wanted to let her family know that she was ok. How could she have done that? There were no mobile phones or computers in the 1930’s so she couldn’t send texts or emails. There weren’t even any landline phones available in the places she landed that would allow her to ring up her family and friends back in England. The only way she could communicate was to write a letter. Perhaps she wrote a letter like this one.

Sometimes when people visited a place they sent a postcard instead of a letter. Postcards are still sent today, usually when people go away on holiday as the front of the postcard will have photographs on of the place they are visiting/ Have you ever sent or received a postcard? Postcards don’t contain as much detail as a letter as there is not as much space for writing as the address has to be written on the postcard too. Your task today is to design a postcard that Amy might have sent when she was in Rangoon. Use the information in the letter to help you. You can design a picture to go on the front of the postcard too. There are templates for you to use or you can just draw two rectangles onto paper. You might want to do a little more research on some of the places in Amy’s letter using the internet (always check with an adult before using the internet and never give any personal information away). I have also added a little video clip below to help you think about Rangoon was like in the 1930’s. The film is in black and white as there was no colour film back then!

Spelling: There is a word search and a handwriting sheet for you on Seesaw today to support learning with -ly and -less suffixes.

Maths: In your maths lesson today you will be learning about addition and subtraction with money which is really useful for when you get pocket money or any birthday and Christmas money and want to plan out what you can spend.


I have added another white Rose money sheet to Seesaw for you.

Music: We are going to start a new block for music today which will help us learn about key music vocabulary such as tempo, dynamics and timbre. We are going to use the excellent resources from Oak Academy for this.


Computing: I have added lots of coding challenges to Purple Mash2do for you to have a go at today or over the next week.

25.02.21 Home learning

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