Good morning class 2, nearly the weekend and then only one more week of remote learning! I really enjoyed reading all of your Amy postcards that i received yesterday, you had really looked carefully at the information provided and produced some quality work. Also Happy Birthday to our most recent birthdays, Jemima and Reuben.

This is the plan for today class two.

  1. English and spelling
  2. Brain Break
  3. Maths
  4. P.E.
  5. R.E.

English and spelling: We are going to focus on some grammar work today, learning about adverbs. Most adverbs (although not all) end in -ly so this fits in really well with the suffix spelling lesson we have been practising this week. Have a look at this poster which explains a little bit more about adverbs and then watch me explain it a little further on the video power point.

You can see that the adverb goes with the verb of the sentence to add more detail. You can look at a list of adverbs that I have added to Seesaw. Adverbs help to add detail to your writing and make it more interesting to read. There are three tasks for you to complete on Seesaw. This first one is to find the adverbs and highlight them. The second activity asks you to change an adjective such as kind to an adverb kind + ly = kindly. Finally you will get some practise using adverbs in sentences. You can choose which activities to complete but it will really help you develop your use of year 2 grammar if you complete them all.

Brain break: Thank-you for voting. The winning video clip this week is Koo Koo Kanga Roo Roller Coaster. Don’t get too dizzy!

Maths: Have a go at solving this money based problem below. There are also some additional challenges on Seesaw.

Learning about money including how to earn it, how to save it and what to spend it on are really important life-skills which extend much further than just being able to recognise coins and notes, add up and work out change. Watch this video presentation I have edited to find out a little more.

P.E. Did you do P.E. with Joe Wicks this morning? If you have any more energy you can join in with either of these two activities. We are revisiting PE with Mr Dineen for his second lesson and then a new dance routine from Active Fusion.

If dance is more your thing, have a try at this.

R.E. /P.S.E. We are going to look at a new block of lessons from Oak Academy called Me, You and Us. Lots of you told me that you enjoyed the Forever Friends unit we did before half-term and that the activities were fun, so I hope that you enjoy this one too.

Have a good weekend everyone, Mrs P x

26.02.21 Home learning Fun Friday

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