Wow! What a busy week for class 2. On Tuesday all of Key Stage One ‘visited’ London to support our theme work. We haven’t been able to take the children out on any school trips so this was the next best thing. All the children arrived at school very excited in their holiday clothes and they were given a ticket to admit them onto the bus to London. Once we had ‘arrived’ the children split into three groups to access lots of different activities. They listened to the stories of ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and then designed their own knickers or hat for the Queen. I think Queen Elizabeth would be really happy with all of the colourful designs! Then the children completed an outdoor treasure hunt matching photographs of London landmarks to their names and their descriptions whilst getting some fresh air and exercise running around too. Then they all made a lollipop stick London guard to finish the morning off. In between the activities, the children had the opportunity to use the I-pads to go an a virtual 360 degree tour of London and have a tourist photo taken with a London landmark. After lunch the children were ‘transported’ to a London theatre to watch the pantomime Aladdin. Juice and popcorn were served during the interval and the children had lots of souvenirs to take home with them.

London day

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