On Friday, class 2 had another busy and fun-filled day to highlight the impact of waste on the environment. We started by listening and watching the audio/video story the Beautiful Blue Planet which is available on our school virtual library. It is beautifully illustrated and really highlighted to the class the need to look after our planet. Then we started making our bottle fish by reusing plastic bottles. We also talked about the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle whilst we made out models. The children enjoyed choosing paint colours and googly eyes for their fish. We then listened to a song from Delia of the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition who had done a virtual workshop for us during science week back in March. The children enjoyed learning the actions and singing the song at the same time as learning an important message about helping to make sure plastics don’t end up in our oceans. After sharing another story from our virtual library called ‘A planet full of plastic’, the children helped design labels for our remaining plastic bottles to create skittles sets. We added multiples of ten numbers to the skittles to help improve maths skills whilst playing. The children loved playing skittles in the hall and they thought it was hilarious when we invited Mrs Ledingham and Mrs Plant to join in and have a go! We had a great day whilst also thinking about some very important environmental messages.

Waste Free Day

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