Class 2 have had yet another extraordinarily busy week and have been busy completing reading challenges and TT Rockstars challenges again. The children have been watching the golden beans mount up in our jar as evidence of just how hard they have all been working. I think we can only fit about three more beans in and then we will be able to have a class treat! What would your favourite treat be? Mine would probably involve chocolate but class 2 are keen to have some extra time to do the things they love such as construction, playing with Hot Wheels, dinosaurs and puppets and getting crafty with art materials.

Class 2 are enjoying the daily challenge of completing a maths quick start activity. Although the tasks vary from week to week to help us recap on skills previously learned, the same types of questions are used over the week so children gain familiarity with them and actually use the previous day’s task to help them. Here’s an example from this week.

Aside from our quick starts in maths we have been working on making the link from multiplication to division using lots of practical apparatus to makes groups of 2, 5 and 10.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Harding, director of the Hornsea Branch of Quick and Clarke. She was able to tell the children all about buying and selling houses and talk about different types of houses. We looked at some real property brochures and Mrs Harding has set us the challenge of designing a house using the blank templates she left us. She is going to display them in their office window when we complete them. The visit linked to our current history focus on houses and homes. It was also very useful to hear what sort of skills the children might need if they want to be the estate agents of the future!

Such a busy week!

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