On Tuesday we have a visit from Gil at Bonanza Creative. She provided a whole morning workshop on the danger of carbon monoxide. Although this was a serious subject, it was approached in a way that fully engaged the children and allowed them to do role-play, acting and interactive games as well as meet Safety Seymour. The children really got a lot out of this session and learned lots of important information along the way.

Class 2 also applied their knowledge of working scientifically to the question ‘What material will make the best waterproof coat for Ted?’. They worked collaboratively in small groups with pupils from class one to test four different materials. They were able to make a prediction first, ensure that they used fair test procedures and then recorded their results and came up with a conclusion. They really enjoyed their afternoon of investigating.

The class were also very happy to be able to take home their sculptures that they had created after investigating the work of British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. They have been waiting patiently for them to dry out thoroughly. Here is our own sculpture gallery.

Class 2 has been a hive of activity

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