Class 2 had a very busy and exciting end to the first half of the Summer term this week. We spend some time making decorations to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and then we worked on our Design Technology project to plan and make ‘An afternoon tea fit for a Queen’. The pupils really enjoyed learning how to follow instructions for making Coronation Chicken sandwiches and mini Victoria sponges. They put their writing skills to good use by writing their own step-by-step instructions for making a sandwich and they also designed a menu sheet for their afternoon tea. We also linked our work to the science curriculum by investigating produce and which different parts of produce we can eat such as the root, stem or leaves and there was the opprtunity to test our maths skills by measuring quantities for the Victoria sponge recipe. Of course the most exciting part was when they got to sample what they had made and they all had a mini Victoria sponge to take home.

We were a little sad this week however, as it was time for our two student teachers, Mrs Hilton and Mr Tucker, to leave us. They had been with class two for eight weeks and had formed really good relationships with all of the class. we wish them well in their continued training and we hope they get chance to pop back and see us before the end of term.

Finally, the whole school joined together on the school field on Friday afternoon to enjoy a little picnic celebration for the Jubilee. Everyone had dressed up in either red, white and blue or a a member of Royalty. Mr Mallison provided us with some tunes to sing along and dance to from all of the different decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 year reign. It was lovely to have everyone out on the field together and the sun certainly shone for us.

Jubilee and more!

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