We have had an absolutely amazing year in class 2 this year. The children have worked their socks off in their first full year in school, which is incredible in itself. After Covid interrupted both their reception year and also year one, they have finally had the opportunity to have a full year in school, learning and playing alongside their friends.

On the last day of school I showed the class lots and lots of photos on the Interactive Whiteboard of different things they have done this year and they loved reflecting back and remembering so many different activities. Art and Design Technology was very popular with all of the children saying they loved making African huts, dragon glove puppets, an afternoon tea fit for the Queen, sculpture and nature collages. They also enjoyed seeing photos of all of our practical maths activities and PE and science lessons.

In May we tackled the SATs, the first time year 2 have had SATs since 2019. It is so tricky for six and seven year olds to sit in test conditions for extended periods of time and have no help with their test other than having some of the questions read to them. This is so different to their everyday lessons, yet they showed resilience and positivity and with the aid of a few packets of biscuits, sailed through them and didn’t look back.

Class 2 also adapted well to having two students in the class for quite a number of weeks as they completed their second year of their teaching degree. We were very happy when Mr Tucker popped back to see us on Sports Day and we hope to see Mrs Hilton soon.

Thank-you class 2 for your enthusiasm and your kind and caring attitudes towards each other, enjoy your holidays and come back ready to be the best you can be in year three.

Mrs Platten x

All good things come to an end…

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