Welcome back to school everyone and for those celebrating Halloween tonight and Bonfire Night later in the week, I hope you have a fun time and please stay safe. Do upload any photos to our class Seesaw account so we can share them with each other. It is Be Bright Be Seen Day at Brandesburton Primary today and I can’t wait to see what you are all wearing. I wonder if I will need my sunglasses! There is an underlying safety message to our day though especially as the nights are getting darker. Wearing something reflective will really help you be seen if you are walking home from school.

This week we will be focusing on Bonfire Night poetry in our English work and creating some fantastic descriptive poems. There will also be the opportunity for some shared whole-class reading of a Bonfire Night themed story to further inspire our poetry with amazing adjectives. On Friday we will complete some Bonfire Night artwork that you can take home and display over the weekend. (If you haven’t seen the previous class 2 blog post about our excellent JMW Turner water colour seascapes, please do scroll back and have a look, the quality of the work is outstanding).

Our spelling work for this week will be investigating suffixes – word endings that are added to a root word to create a new word. We will look at the suffixes ment, ness, ful, less and ly. Here is an example list of the types of words we will be looking at but there are many, many more!

Homework for this week is to look at this fantastic image of fireworks and write some amazing adjectives and/or powerful verbs to describe them. The activity is on Seesaw and you can annotate the template on there. There is also an optional reading comprehension activity relating to Guy Fawkes for those that would like to complete it.

Have a fantastic week!

Class 2 w/c 31/10/22

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