Welcome back to the second part of the Spring term. This year really is going to fast. it is lovely to have slightly lighter nights though and to see the bluebells, snowdrops and daffodils appear to brighten things up. With this in mind, our English unit for the next two weeks is senses poetry. We are going to get out in the school grounds to see what we can see, hear, smell and touch. We won’t be using our sense of taste outside but we will do when we come back in for our fruit break!

I would like you to have a go at recording some ideas in your own garden or when you are out on a walk for your English homework this week. This will give you some good practice at using your senses and recording your ideas for our poetry work. As a challenge, see if you can extend the ideas that you record to make a creative sentence. For example, you see grass on your walk so you record the word ‘grass’ on your sheet. You might then add an adjective and write a sentence such as ‘I can see green grass’. The finally you could try to be really descriptive and write something like ‘I can see the soft green grass that is still covered in early morning dew’. The templates you need are on Seesaw but here is a screen shot of them.

Our spelling pattern this week is to focus on adding the suffixes ed, er, est, ing to words ending in consonant ‘y’ such as the word happy. Can you see what happens to the letter ‘y’ when we add the suffix|?

Homework for w/c 20/02/23

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