We have had an amazing start to the second part of the Spring term. The children have come back so keen to learn and with so much enthusiasm. We have started our Senses poetry unit and the class have already completed an original poem each, using lots of great noun expansion and description.
Presentation has been a big focus for us too and everyone is working so hard on letter formation and the size of their writing. The children are really thinking about how their work looks on the page.
We have also enjoyed investigating different materials and seeing which ones we could twist, stretch, bend and squash! We also completed our coding work in computing which is made so much easier now the children can use a Chromebook each. They really are very lucky.
This week we are continuing to consolidate our knowledge of suffixes focussing on adding the suffix er, est, ed, ing or y to words ending in e with a consonant before, such as the word ‘shine’. Please have a look at the pattern and think about how this rule is applied to words you might need to spell in independent writing.

Homework this week is maths based. We have been learning about odd and even numbers and how to recognise them. Your challenge is now to apply what you have learnt and complete some of the investigations on this sheet. How many can you do?

Weekly round up and homework for w/c 27.02.23

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