This week we celebrated World Book Day with everyone coming to school in onesies or pyjamas so they could snuggle down for a story at the end of the day. They all look part in a range of activities including an outdoor book scavenger hunt, a World Book Day themed maths quiz, shared reading of favourite books and compiling an A-Z list of books. All of class two went home with a personalised bookmark with a QR code on which they can scan and listen to a video reading of a story. Lots of children entered the ‘Book in a jar’ competition with our class winner being Zack with James and the Giant Peach. It is fair to say all of the children had lots of fun.

We also completed our theme work on air travel this week by looking at Neil Armstrong, his achievements and his motivation for wanting to be the first man on the moon and in science we looked at what would happen if objects were made from the wrong sorts of materials. Anyone for a bed made of stone or a door made of bubbles or a garden path made of honey?


This week’s spelling pattern is xxxx. Read through the examples words and make sure you understand the meaning of the word and the spelling pattern that is being used, Consider using some of the spelling ideas on the sheet you have to further consolidate your knowledge of the pattern being taught.

This week you have a science activity to complete which follows on from the work you did in last week’s science lesson on the wrong use of materials. There is a template on Seesaw.

Weekly round up and homework w/c 06.03.23

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