Last week we had our excellent Carbon Monoxide awareness workshop which all of the children engaged in enthusiastically. The children learnt lots of important facts about carbon monoxide and safety in the home whilst participating in lots of acting, chanting and a little bit of dancing!

We also held our school Waste week reuse relove swap sale, aimed at preventing unwanted items going to landfill. The class had lots of fun choosing themselves a book, game or toy and were excited to have something new to them to take home.

In English class 2 completed their senses poems using some excellent descriptive language for i can see, I can hear, I can smell, I can taste, I can touch. Everyone had put maximum effort into their poems and can be very proud of their final piece of work.

Having completed our history theme work, we have now moved onto geography and learnt about compass directions and how to remember them. ‘Naughty elephants squirt water’ was a favourite one, along with ‘never eat shredded wheat’! The class them went on to work in pairs on a mapping exercise giving directions to different places on the map and following given directions to find places on the map.

There is no additional homework this week, other than reading (three times minimum please) and going on the class TTRockstars battle to practise times table facts. However, it is British Science Week and you might want to complete one of the home school challenges that have been set such as the science selfie or the balloon powered vehicle challenge.

Weekly round up w/c13.03.23

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