This week we enjoyed our computing lesson and we are now much quicker at logging on so we can spend longer on the activities. On Tuesday in science we had a great lesson consolidating our work on ‘dead, alive or never alive’ and we collected leaves to stick in our science books. We wrote about the differences between the leaves.

Key Stage One also had a fantastic farm visit on Thursday. Luckily the weather held and the pupils had a brilliant tour. They were able to obtain answers to many of the questions they had generated in their previous lesson. Many thanks to the Richardson family for facilitating this. Next week has two more exciting visits on the agenda, watch this space!


On our class reading display we are hanging book covers of all the books we read over the year. You will be able to see this if you are able to come to our Friday library time. We would really like to add some photographs of you all reading a book in your favourite place. Will you get snuggled in bed or make a den? Perhaps you have a favourite blanket and cuddly toy to read with? Please upload your photo to Seesaw and we will post some of them on our class blog next week too. Don’t forget that this will count towards Miss Northen’s weekly reading challenge of reading a minimum of three times each week so remember to ask an adult to sign your reading log.

Your weekly spelling list is below. Try to read through the list and practise spelling as many as you can. Can you find any other homophones when you are doing your reading?

Friday round up 22.09.23

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