Well here we are in February already and almost at half-term! It really doesn’t seem two minutes since it was Christmas but we have already completed so much of our Spring term curriculum since then. This week we have been completing our English instruction work. The class have been really creative with writing their instructions for making a dragon machine. Special thanks to Leo and to Nancy who made dragons at home based on a set of instructions that they were evaluating in class. We must also thank Eliza who demonstrated her excellent ability in following instructions when she made a model fireplace from a kit with an electrical circuit and working parts!

Next week we are looking forward to taking part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. We will also be undertaking our Key Stage One art project for this term which is going to be based on a seaside collage linked to our work on seaside holidays in history. We are really looking forward to showcasing the pupils’ work with you. We will also complete the last parts of our maths unit on multiplication and division and also money.

This week, our reading percentage increased dramatically! 85% of us read regularly at home! What a fabulous improvement. Please do your best to keep this up again for the final week of term, next week.

There is a maths money worksheet for you to complete on Seesaw. No need to print it, you can type your answers over the top of the sheet. we have also set an optional maths money problem solving challenge for you. You could also try the toyshop money game on the Topmarks website. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money

The last spelling pattern that we are focusing on before half-term is the pattern for words ending in the /l/sound spelt ‘al’. Please see the list below for some examples. Can you find any more in when you are doing your reading?

Over the half-term holidays please take the opportunity to also revisit the year one and year two tricky words that were send home on the fish templates.

Art week

Next week, we are going to be immersing ourselves in our art curriculum and our focus for this time is collage! We are going to be creating collages of the seaside, using scraps of old wrapping paper, magazines and packaging. If you have any unwanted paper, which would be suitable for our collage unit, we would be very grateful if you could send it in on Monday. This could be old magazines, old Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, old wall paper etc. We can’t wait for you to see the collages we create!

Friday round up 02.02.24

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