Unbelievably it is March already and we are more than halfway through the school year, time is passing so quickly but we still have lots to fit in before the end of term. We are looking forward to meeting with you at the upcoming parent consultation evening to discuss your child and how they are progressing in more detail.

The class were very excited in their science lesson on Tuesday. They were investigating how modern roads were developed by the inventor John McAdam. They were very happy to find out that recreating his method would involve using chocolate, biscuits and raisins. The class all worked really well in their groups deciding on how many biscuits to break up into large rocks, smaller stones and gravel. Of course the fun bit was smashing the biscuits to make gravel. It really did give the pupils a clear understanding of how this process would be carried out in the real world as well as extending their knowledge of materials and also the melting process and solids and liquids.


This week we maintained our 85% reading score from last week! We are doing really well to regularly read at home, so a big thank you to all of you! Over the next term, we will continue to develop fluency, by reading as regularly as possible, but we will also be working on our comprehension. When you have finished reading your book, discuss what happened on the pages you read. You could talk about the characters and how they feel or try to remember the order of the events. Why not test your grown up by asking them some questions about what you have read to them too!



Your homework challenge this week is to choose a page from your reading book and copy up the text in your neatest handwriting! Some of us have forgotten how to keep our writing super neat this half term so this is a great way to practise. Your writing needs to become so fluent that you don’t need to think about it! Please post your super neat pieces onto Seesaw for us to see!


This week we are revisiting suffixes, with a focus on adding ing, er, ed and est.

Friday round up 01/03/24

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