We have had a great week finishing off our versions of The Three Little Pigs stories, the children really engaged with the task and it has also been lovely to see some more children being motivated this week to write their own stories at home. Well done to Cerys, Esme and Rowan. Next week we will be moving onto newspaper reports and we have some exciting events to report!

In maths we are coming to the end of our unit on fractions and our work on finding 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of numbers and shapes. We will keep revisiting these as part of our daily maths Quick Starts.

There has been some very neat handwriting posted on Seesaw this week which was last week’s homework task. If you haven’t uploaded your handwriting yet, please do so by Monday.

Working at the expected standard:

After the parent SATs meeting I said I would post the end of year national age related expectations for pupils in reading, writing and maths. Please bear in mind that children are all unique and have different strengths and they all work at different paces, we want to support the children in making the best progress possible and to make them feel very proud of their learning this year.

World Book Day:

What a blast World Book Day was this year. We had some of the most fabulous ‘book in a box’ entries from Class 2. I have no ideas how the judges possibly decided, every entry was incredible! If you haven’t seen them, please check out the ones in this week’s newsletter.

Here is Fred’s winning entry!

In addition, the whole school worked together to write a Brandesburton Primary School story, ‘Larry’s adventure’. This story is about a little lobster who goes on an amazing journey. Again, you can find the full story in the newsletter, this week.


There will be a few SATs style maths fraction questions posted on Seesaw. Please either annotate the Seesaw template or write the answers in your homework book and upload a photo. The questions are shown below for information. Some children can their knowledge of fact families relating to the 2 times table and division to work these out, some like to draw two circles to find a half (dividing by 2) or four circles (dividing by 4) and share out the number by drawing dots or using counters.


Following on from last week’s spelling work on suffixes, we are continuing to practise these and learn what happens when we add the endings -ing, -ed, -er, -est and –y to words ending in –e with a consonant before it.


We need to give Class 2 a massive shout out this week. Today marked their third week in a row of 100% attendance! What a huge achievement! Can we possibly make it to 4 weeks?


We are keeping up the reading too! Once again 85% of us read three times or more this week! Class 2, you are making us proud! Well done!!

Friday round up 08/03/24

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