Good morning class 2. I thought I would share some of yesterday’s work as we don’t have many days of our home learning blog left! there was lots of great work comparing Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart, some fab Union Flag creations and lots of you deciding to become shop owners to practise your maths!

Here’s our plan for the day:

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Science

English: Yesterday you worked so hard to find lots of things that were the same and lots of things that were different for Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart. Today you are going to read a letter from Amelia to Amy.

Your task today is to write a letter back to Amy. Can you answer some of the questions she has asked? Can you send her a positive message to wish her luck on her journey? You can write your letter onto paper or in your homework book but there are also two templates on Seesaw if you would like to use those.

Now for our next instalment of Amelia’s biography.

Spelling: Continuing our work on the’ -tion spelling pattern, there is a crossword for you to complete today and a matching exercise.

There are two extra ‘tion’ challenge activities on Seesaw if you want to try them. They include additional ‘tion’ spelling pattern words that we haven’t looked at.

Maths: Today you are going to working out the total cost of two items. I’m sure you will be able to tackle this brilliantly having seen the excellent work you have done on money so far.

Your other maths activity today is this one, Fruity Pairs. if you have some fruit you could use it to help you with the first part of the task, or you could draw and cut out some fruity pictures.

Science: We have a fun activity today to help think about why some materials are great for making some objects and not others. Would a teapot made of chocolate be any good for example? I think it would melt into a soggy gooey mess don’t you? How about a hat made of glass? Most of you would probably say that it’s not a good idea as it could break easily and hurt you, but some people might that think it’s a good idea as they know that glass is a waterproof material and they won’t get wet if it rains!

For your activity today you are going to use two spinners. One will choose a material and one will choose an object. You can then decide if the material is a good match for the object. You can just discuss this with your family or your classmates in school if you wish but you could write your ideas down or make a video or audio clip to share your ideas.

You will need the spinner templates, a pencil and a paper clip if you have one. If you don’t want to print the spinner template, you can use the one on Seesaw by laying your tablet or i-pad flat. You could even draw round a cup and create your own spinners (if you do this you could even change some of the materials or objects too). Once you have your spinners, put your pencil in the end of the paper clip and place it in the middle of the first spinner. If you flick the paperclip, it will spin and select a material for you. Repeat this with the other spinner.

Think about these questions whilst you are doing the activity.

  1. What are these objects used for?
  2. Are these two things a good match?
  3. What would happen if we made that object from that material?
  4. Are there any other materials that we could use instead?

Finally, have a look at these unusual uses of materials. Discuss them with whoever you are with. Do you like the ways that these materials have been used? Have you got any unusual uses of materials at home? Mr Platten has turned his old work boots into nesting boxes for birds.

02.03.21 Home learning

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